Only Certified PHP Distribution

Zend Server provides a complete, secure, and highly performing PHP stack, with over 80 of the most popular PHP extensions and libraries, all fully tested and certified. Whether on Apache, NGINX, or IIS - Zend Server delivers a consistent PHP environment across all major operating systems, for both development and production.

Zend Server makes it easy to manage your PHP configuration settings on a single server or a large cluster, based on the needs of your applications.

Zend Server 2019 includes support for PHP 7.1, 7.2 and 7.3!

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Ultimate Debugging with Z-Ray

Using Zend Server Z-Ray is akin to wearing X-Ray goggles, effortlessly giving you deep insight into how the code is running as you are developing it and even in production – all without having to change any of your habits or workflow. With Z-Ray, you can immediately understand the impact of any changes to the code, enabling you to both improve quality and solve issues long before your code reaches production.

Z-Ray Live! and Z-Ray History make it easier to troubleshoot problems with live end-users in real time or in retrospection, addressing issues that are not otherwise visible or reproducible.

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Unmatched Debugging of Mobile Apps and APIs

With Z-Ray live you can easily debug mobile and Web services requests originating from a browser, mobile device or machine-to-machine communications.

The Z-Ray panel displays all the critical information related to any request that can be analyzed to efficiently identify the weak spots in your PHP code.

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Open Gallery of Community Add-ons and Plugins

The Zend Gallery aggregates and organizes all Z-Ray extensions and Zend Server plugins in an easy-to-use interface. It includes plugins for WordPress, Drupal, Magento, Joomla, Zend Framework, Apigility, Laravel, Symfony, Doctrine2, Redis, OPcache, MariaDB, LoS Modules and more. 

And, API extensions allow developers to create plugins and extend Zend Server with additional custom features.

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Multiple Job Queue Management

Schedule jobs based on time, priority, and even dependencies. HTTP and CLI (PHP or other), jobs can be deferred or executed periodically and run in parallel. The management GUI helps track the execution of jobs, their status, execution time, and output. Unlike cron jobs, Job Queue allows asynchronous execution, deferred jobs, and more. Multiple queues management facilitates the creation and management of groups of jobs that are functionally or logically related. Using Job Queue Pulse, you can better optimize, analyze and fine tune asynchronous and scheduled Jobs processing. The result is better resources utilization and improved end-user customer experience. 


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Detailed Insights on Slow Performing URLs

Zend Server URL Insights collects and presents information on some of the most interesting URLs on your Web server, giving you strong insight on critical URLs, such as the slowest, poorest performing, and most popular URLs. Full Z-Ray snapshots for these URLs provides you with unprecedented insight into what real-world requests look like, coming from real users.


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Powerful Application Monitoring

When something goes wrong with your apps, you need to know about it. Whether it's a slow page or a runtime error - Zend Server’s monitoring helps you find out precisely what happened and when - as well as giving you all the information you need to fix it.

When something does go wrong, Code Tracing provides you with the equivalent of a black-box containing the full function-by-function flow of the problematic PHP request.

And, a built-in understanding of application request routing logic aggregates monitoring events, and displays improved results for URLs listed within URL Insight.

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Ease of Deployment

Zend Server Deployment lets you streamline and automate the process of deploying applications. It eliminates key sources of deployment failures and ensures consistency across development, staging and production, by using application packages containing your code, deployment scripts, dependencies, metadata and installation parameters. Apps can be deployed manually from within the Zend Server UI, or by using the integrated automated deployment into your continuous delivery cycle using Zend Server's deployment APIs. In cluster, deploy the application on any server and it will be deployed to all of the servers automatically. 

With Selective Deployment in application updates, you can select nodes of the cluster to deploy the new version to. This is a great way for testing and getting feedback on new applications versions in production (e.g. A/B testing) 

Using hot deployment allows a full update of applications without any web server restart. It ensures 100% uptime during deployment and better end-user experience.

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Enterprise-grade Scalability with Clustering

Need to scale up your website? A modern, robust and scalable architecture allows you to easily scale up your production environment and scale-out environments. Based on a de-centralized management system that is comprised of identical components, Zend Server ensures high availability and full support of cloud environments.

With Zend Session Clustering, session data is shared between multiple servers in your cluster, ensuring session continuity in case of system failure, and high availability of your system.


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Enhance Performance with Caching

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The Zend Data Cache component provides a set of PHP functions to improve performance by storing data in the cache. The Zend Page Cache improves PHP application performance by caching the entire output of PHP scripts (HTML, XML, etc.). Zend Server also introduces analytical information, insights and reports on the caching system, with which users can fine tune and optimize the caching usage, by correcting and adding rules.


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