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Good prospects for PHP developers

PHP developers have become sought-after experts in companies. PHP is not just a standard in traditional web projects; this open source programming language is even coming to play an increasing role in the intercorporate network of software landscapes.

A reason for this growing demand for PHP know-how is most certainly the migration of many web projects still running on PHP 4. By the end of the year, support for this still widely used older version of the open source programming language will no longer be provided. In light of this change, e-commerce companies are now primarily looking for experts who can migrate the systems that are critical for their business to PHP 5.

However, the major trends in the IT business, such as service-oriented architectures, software as a service and mashups, are increasing the demand for PHP experts even more so than upcoming short-term migration projects because companies are also using more and more web development tools in order to open up their software landscape to the systems of their partners, suppliers and customers by means of Internet technology.

Important cooperation with IT market leaders

The fact that web languages are now being used as a link between traditional corporate applications shows just how much the Internet has become a paradigm for the entire software industry. This expanded field of work is placing new demands on PHP developers. In the future, developers will have to deal with such areas as process modeling, service-oriented architectures and application integration.

In light of this increase in demands, the quality of PHP training has become all the more important. Meanwhile, this view has also made its way into university curricula, which until now has tended to focus on system languages rather than script languages. Nonetheless, an increasing number of research projects are availing of the advantages of script languages such as short development times, a high learning curve and web affinity.

Recognized certificates and training programs

In the meantime, the economy has already established quality criteria for the training of PHP developers. For this reason, in the fall of 2004, Zend along with the PHP Education Advisory Board brought together a group of renowned PHP experts to devise a certification program for PHP training. Certification as a Zend Certified Engineer has become an industry-wide recognized standard giving applicants a clear competitive edge and companies a significant basis for selecting personnel. Apart from certification, Zend and its partner companies also offer an extensive training program. By going through this training program PHP developers can continue to enhance their qualifications. The high demand for certification and such training programs supports the notion that web languages represent the future of software development and have become an essential tool for corporate IT.