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In Ticketing (www.inticketing.com) is a full service ticket provider for events worldwide.  Services include online ticketing, venue and box office ticketing, and onsite event solutions including check-in and gate scanning of all tickets for quick entry.  The company was started in 1999 and has built all of its services on a PHP / MySQL platform.  In-Ticketing has a commitment to green practices: it helped found the Global Cooling Collective, it sponsors carbon-offset education at events, its tickets are printed on tree-free paper (hemp and flax) using soy inks, and every In-Ticketing transaction helps to plant trees.

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The Challenge

In-Ticketing has grown rapidly, and needed to rebuild its online ticketing system to accommodate its growth and to enable additional up-sell transactions (often from third-party providers). Since In-Ticketing handles major events, delivering scalability and a good user experience even during peak purchase periods (with hundreds of thousands of transaction needing to occur in a few minutes) can be challenging. In-Ticketing needed to:

  • Increase the scalability and performance of its online ticketing system
  • Maintain interoperability with its reporting system and point-of-sale operations
  • Add cross- and upsell transaction capabilities
  • Maintain a positive user experience

The Solution: Zend Platform and Zend Consulting

As a long-time Zend Studio customer, In-Ticketing turned to Zend for help. Working with Zend’s Consultants, In-Ticketing was able to leverage Zend Framework and Zend Platform and rebuild its entire ticketing platform. In particular, the Job Queue feature in Zend Platform helped In-Ticketing offload the processing needed for each transaction across multiple servers, to process thousands of transactions simultaneously, while keeping each ticket buyer’s experience fast and convenient. In addition,In-Ticketing’s new transaction engine leverages Zend platform controllers to enhance security and to enable third-party cross- and up-sell transactions (e.g., PayPal Express and Event Insurance). Another plus: In-Ticketing can generate print-at-home .PDF ticket files and email directly to customers.

The Solution