Accelerate Your Career with Zend Certifications

42 min. | English April 9, 2014

In today's competitive market, the 'Zend Certified Engineer' credential demonstrates the highest degree of PHP expertise. Watch this webinar recording to learn more about the exams, support tools and benefits of becoming a Zend Certified PHP or Framework engineer!

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OOP in PHP: ma è davvero impossibile? Introduciamo l'uso della programmazione ad oggetti in PHP: si può fare!

45' | Italian December 12, 2013

Parleremo di funzioni, di visibilità delle variabili ed introdurremo l'approccio alla programmazione ad oggetti attraverso l'uso del PHP, il linguaggio che consente lo sviluppo di applicazioni orientate al web ed al mondo mobile. 

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Accelerate your career with Zend Certifications

80 min | English November 7, 2013

Learn more about the exams, support tools and benefits of becoming a Zend Certified PHP or Framework engineer!

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Introduction to Symfony2

73 min | English September 12, 2013

This webinar dives right into the Symfony2 full-stack framework, to give beginners an overview of the ...

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Behavior Driven Development with Behat

55 min | English May 8, 2013

An introduction into Behavior Driven Development on basis of Behat to help you achieve automated testing of specifications.

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Let's Talk: Efficient Communication for PHP and Android

49 min | English February 28, 2013

This presentation will review the process of building a PHP-based REST web service to be consumed by a native Android application.

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The PHP 5.4 Features You Will Actually Use

55 min | English February 19, 2013

This talk looks at a selection of the additions that have arrived with PHP 5.4, examining each one in turn and ...

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Building Testable PHP Applications

64 min | English January 10, 2013

Learn about loosely-coupled architectures, dependency injection and why your tests should never touch a ...

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Black Magic with Regular Expressions

56 min | English November 20, 2012

This session details all the fun stuff possible with PCRE: Named Subpattern, Greediness, Assertions, ...

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Getting Acquainted with MongoDB

83 min | English August 30, 2012

This session will introduce MongoDB's storage model and query language using the native PHP driver and ...

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Understanding Regular Expressions

53 min | English August 8, 2012

This session does not only allow you to lift the veil and read as well as write the seemingly magic regular expressions, but ...

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InformationWeek: The State of PHP in the Enterprise

53 min | English June 28, 2012

A United Business Media survey on the state of PHP has revealed just how pervasive the use of PHP is at large enterprises. Listen to Eric Bruno, enterprise architect, developer and industry analyst, and ...

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What's the big deal about the small Git version control system?

51 min | English June 6, 2012

In this session, Matthew McCullough of GitHub gives a hands-on demonstration on Git, showing why Git matters and ...

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The Truth About Lambdas and Closures in PHP

47 min | English March 29, 2012

This presentation focuses on what exactly lambdas are as well as the difference between a lambda and a closure, or ...

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Writing testable Code

61 min | English March 15, 2012

In this session you will gain insight into the secret of writing easily testable code and ...

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Git for Subversion Users

58 min | English February 23, 2012

Learn more about the concepts of Git, the benefits of Git over Subversion as well as how to use Git successfully for your projects.

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Classic Design Patterns in PHP

33 min | English September 8, 2011

Explore classic GOF design patterns and their implementation and benefits in PHP.

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Funzioni anonime in PHP 5.3

45' | Italian July 18, 2011

Scopri cosa sono le funzioni anonime in PHP 5.3 e in quali casi le puoi utilizzare.

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Multibyte string handling in PHP with the mbstring extension

58 min | English July 14, 2011

Daniel Rhodes explores the mb_string module of PHP: what it is and (sometimes more important) what it isn't, how to ...

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Practical guide to column oriented databases in PHP

48 min | English July 8, 2011

Quick crash-course and practical session that will explain, what are column oriented databases and how do ...

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Strong Cryptography in PHP

56 min | English June 30, 2011

What is strong cryptography and why should we use it? Learn more about strong cryptography in PHP in this session.

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Anonymous Functions in PHP 5.3

48 min | English May 3, 2011

Learn about how anonymous functions in PHP 5.3 work, and a variety of ...

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Improving QA on PHP development projects

42 min | English April 14, 2011

In this webinar Michelangelo van Dam will show that there are many levels developers can improve themselves by using the right tools. 

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