Open Source PHP Development Tools

The Eclipse PHP Development Tools project (PDT) is the #1 open source PHP Integrated Development Environment (IDE). It has rapidly grown to be one of the most highly downloaded Eclipse projects. PDT provides an entry level IDE for with the basic code editing capabilities you need to get started with PHP development. PDT provides:

PDT is the foundation of Zend Studio the #1 commercial PHP IDE. Zend Studio Extends PDT with a number of high value additional features. 


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Getting started with PHP and PDT

The simplest way to get started with PDT is to download a "all-in-one" build from the PDT download page. This package contains all the required Eclipse and PDT components in one simple easy to install package.

In addition you probably want a PHP Web server to run, test and debug your PHP with. This is where Zend Server comes in. If you are going to use a different web server you will either need XDebug to be installed or to get a copy of the Zend Web Debugger. 


Download PDT  Download Zend Server


Other installation techniques

If you want you can also install PDT from plug-ins in the PDT the Eclipse update site. The package includes PDT and the Zend Executable Debugger Eclipse Plug-in. Note: The PHP plug-ins are included in the all-in-one package. 


PHP Developer Suite

The Complete Solution to your development needs!

It includes a fully optimized PHP stack, a complete IDE for development, unique server side debugging tools, application code protection technologies, a license management tool to facilitate distribution, and many wizards for easier application deployment on private servers or cloud platforms.
The Suite includes: Zend Studio, Z-Ray, Zend Server, and Zend Guard


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