PDT: Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is 'PDT'?

PHP Development Tools (PDT) is an Eclipse open source project (led by Zend) that provides all the basic code editing capabilities needed to get started with developing PHP applications.

Q: How do I install the 'PDT with Debugger' package?

1. Download the PDT All-In-One package.

2. Extract the file to the required installation directory.

3. Run the eclipse executable file.

Q: How does PDT compare to Zend Studio for Eclipse?

PDT was designed as a framework for building PHP IDEs. It handles basic functions, and is 100% open source. Zend Studio for Eclipse is a commercial IDE based on the rich Zend Studio history and functionality. It provides additional features such as remote debugging, Zend Platform & PHP Intelligence integration, and Zend Framework support. In addition Zend Studio for Eclipse has technical support, services and consulting offerings from Zend. 

Q: Why can I not see the PHP perspective in PDT?

By default, PDT will open with the Resources perspective. To switch to the PHP perspective, from the Menu Bar go to Window | Open Perspective | PHP. 
Note: You must be running Java version 1.5 or above in order to access the PHP perspective.

Q: How do I install the Zend Debugger on my server?

Full instructions for the Zend Debugger installation can be found in the Zend Debugger installation guide, available by clicking the Studio Web Debugger ‘Install Instructions’ link in the Zend Studio Resources site (http://www.zend.com/en/products/studio/resources). 

Q: Where can I find Eclipse forums?

Eclipse’s PDT forum can be found at  http://www.eclipse.org/newsportal/thread.php?group=eclipse.tools.pdt