Welcome to the Z Team!

The Z team is made of volunteer Zend evangelists across the world. It is a high level recognition from Zend for all the work done by these individuals to support Zend and its products.  From all of us at Zend, a HUGE thank you to all the Z team members!


Julien Guittard 

Pure code enthusiast and PHP evangelist, eagerly testing the latest standards and new concepts around PHP, Julien has been a full stack PHP developer for 7 years, passionate for both SOAs and RIAs. He’s multiple working experiences throughout the old and the new world, has trained people on OOP, PHP and ZF 1 & 2, and is a PHP 5.5, ZF1 et ZF2 certified engineer. He is also a contributor for some of Zend’s trendiest Open Source projects like Zend Framework and Apigility and is a frequent writer for technical French speaking magazines.

Elton Minetto 

Elton Minetto holds a Bachelor's degree in Computer Science and is an active member of the open software community, collaborating on various projects.Author of "Frameworks para Desenvolvimento em PHP", "Zend Framework na prática", "Zend Framework 2 na prática", "Doctrine na Prática" and co-author of "Grid Computing in Research and Education". Currently is Coderockr's CTO and speaker in development and startup events.

Er Galvão Abbott 

President of the Brazilian Association for PHP Professionals - ABRAPHP, Director of PHP Conference Brazil, the main PHP event in Latin America, founder of PHPBR, a national PHP User Group and Zend Framework Evangelist for Zend.

Works for more than 20 years developing web interfaced systems and applications, being 15 of those with PHP and 8 with Zend Framework. Has been working with several companies, both local and off-shore.
Speaks at PHP and OSS events and teaches web related courses for more than 10 years, working in several institutions, online and in company.

Cedric Derue 

Cédric Derue is a Web architect and programmer, trainer, speaker and a published author. Since 2006 he has been working as a professional consultant for Altran Technologies. An expert in ASP.NET MVC, PHP and JavaScript, he often advises key banking, pharmaceutical, energy and other enterprise companies. He published a book for ENI Editions in 2013, about mobile development with Zend Framework 2 and Zend Studio. In 2014, he started collaboration with video2brain to produce video learning material. Cédric is a cloud expert focused on the Microsoft Azure platform and a regular speaker at Global Azure Bootcamps.

Cyrille Grandval 

Serial entrepreneur, PHP and Web Application Security consultant, Cyrille started developing with PHP 15 years ago. Today, he coaches companies about issues regarding security, web performance and industrialization (while he keeps programming on his free time). He is also a Zend solutions (ZCPE/ZFCA Certification, Zend Framework, Zend Server and Zend Studio) trainer and a teacher at two programming schools in Paris. Cyrille recently moved to Brazil to start the sister company of Darkmira, his French company, specialized in secure PHP development. He is very active in several communities related to PHP and Security of Web Applications, and is the author of "Préparation à la certification ZCPE" for ENI Editions.


Pierre Fay  

Pierre FAY is a French Magento expert and consultant. He is an active member of the Magento community. Author of a famous technical blog on Magento, he has published several articles in various technical French magazines.  Professionally, Pierre works on various international e-commerce projects and regularly trains professionals PHP developers. He loves to talk about e-commerce, PHP and Open Source.





Alan Seiden  

An independent consultant who works closely with Zend and IBM, Alan Seiden helps the IBM i community create web and mobile applications by combining PHP, RPG, DB2, and Zend Framework. Co-developer with IBM of the open-source PHP Toolkit, Alan was one of the first Zend Framework certified engineers, later co-founding the NYC Zend Framework Meetup. Alan was a charter member of IBM/COMMON's PHP Advisory Board and a consultant for IBM's manual PHP: Zend Core for i5/OS. An award-winning speaker, Alan has been called "the performance guru of PHP on IBM i"  and is a Zend Reseller Partner.

Mathew Beane  

Mathew has been fascinated with building and programming computers since his early days of upgrading an 8086 to an 80386.  Working initially in the video game industry building servers and managing server rooms, Mat shifted his focus to PHP programming in early 2000.  With over a decade of experience in eCommerce, Mat is now Director of Systems Engineering at Robofirm and a Magento Certified developer, where he enjoys scaling enterprise clientele on the Magento eCommerce platform.  When he's not programming, you will find Mat spending time with his family, making music, or tinkering in aquaponics.

Jisse Reitsma 

Jisse is a PHP developer from The Netherlands. He is the founder and lead-developer of Yireo, an internet company focused on Joomla and Magento. In his daily life he builds extensions and gives technical trainings for these applications. Recently, he wrote a book "Programming Joomla Plugins". Jisse is active in the international Joomla and Magento communities and organizes various local events like a Dutch Joomla Developers Group and a Magento User Group. He's also into Laravel, CakePHP, Zend Framework, Docker and Linux. And he loves cycling around Europe.

Dave Clark 

Dave is a senior software engineer for Australia's leading online fashion retailer THE ICONIC as well as an instructor for Zend Technologies leading PHP, Zend Framework and web application security classes for students from around the world. Dave is a co-organiser of the Sydney PHP User Group focused on community engagement promoting SOLID design principles, "API first" development methodology and service oriented architecture.