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WEBINAR: Discovering the value of PHP on IBMi

April 23, 2013 - April 23, 2013: 11am (UK)

Zend Solution Partner Binary Computer Services Ltd are a solution provider who have been supplying a unique service to their customers for over 25 years, based in the UK.

Join them for their webinar:
IBM i application development has evolved tremendously in the last several years and PHP makes a compelling case for IBM i customers looking to grow beyond the green screen. In this presentation on the 23rd April we will explore why PHP makes a suitable solution for business leaders and explore how the impact of the world’s most popular open source language has helped IBM i customers worldwide leverage their investments in the most reliable platform ever built. We will demystify many of the common misconceptions about PHP and explain the benefits and features of the Zend and IBM relationship as it pertains to PHP on IBM i.

Among the topics covered:
  • PHP within the Market
  • Using PHP to modernise i applications
  • PHP Skills Availability
  • Learning curve for traditional i developers (RPG & COBOL)
  • Overview of IBM and Zend Partnership
  • What is your present entitlement