Zend - The PHP Company

PHP Application Lifecycle Management

Now that PHP is integral to business-critical web applications, companies need to:

  • Maintain PHP application performance, despite shrinking release cycles
  • Deliver consistent PHP development and production environments
  • Deploy standards-compliant open source applications across the enterprise

Zend’s products and services help companies with a pragmatic, four-step approach:

Mastering the Basics

  • Using Zend Core for both development and production environments ensures use of consistent versions of PHP. 
  • Zend Studio-PHP IDE enables greater code re-use, and facilitates sharing of best practices across teams.  
  • Zend Framework’s pre-built components help developers enable rapid application development.  
  • Zend Consulting specializes in architecture and design advisory services.
  • Zend PHP Training  covers all aspects of PHP.

Proactive Planning

PHP Lifecyle

  • During QA & debugging, Zend Core and Zend Studio-PHP IDE ensure use of consistent security patches, bug fixes and repeatable tests.
  • Zend Framework and Zend Framework Training facilitate iterative development cycles and greater application integration.
  • Zend Platform provides performance and scalability metrics.

Application Staging

PHP Lifecycle Staging

  • Zend Studio offers pragmatic deployment standards.
  • Zend Migration Consulting helps companies bridge the transition from production to development.
  • Zend Platform ensures greater application manageability during both staging and production.


PHP Lifecyle Production

  • Zend Platform ensures operational stability, scalability and performance.
  • Zend Studio helps developers rapidly perform root cause analysis.
  • Zend Consulting assists clients with performance, security and architecture audits.