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Events - 3 / 5 / 2013

Scandinavian Developer Conference 2013

March 04, 2013 - March 05, 2013

Göteborg Convention Centre (Svenska Mässan), Gothenburg, Sweden

SDC2013 is about bringing together people who work with software development, to discuss new ideas, views on industry trends, and exchange experiences.

As in previous years, they'll have all the news about the latest tools and frameworks for both the Java and .Net platforms, as well as plenty about development for the Web, IBMi, and Mobile devices.

Zend's Mike Pavlak will be there with several sessions around PHP on IBM i:
  • What’s New with Zend Server for IBM i (Beginner)
  • The Business Value of PHP on IBM i (Beginner/Executive )
  • Stored Procedures and PHP on IBM i
  • PHP Toolkit Functions – (Beginner)
  • Web Services with PHP on IBM i – (Intermediate)

Don't miss this exciting conference!


WEBINAR: Zend Server 6 - Bridging the Devops Chasm

March 05, 2013 - March 05, 2013

10:00am GMT, 11:00am CET

This webinar will introduce you to Zend Server 6, the #1 choice for deploying, running, and managing mobile and web applications written in PHP. You’ll hear about the new features of the product including advanced production debugging, deployment tools, performance optimization features, faster app problem resolution, scaling, and more. You’ll also see a hands-on demonstration of Zend Server 6’s new cool UI.

Presenter: Zeev Suraski, Co-Founder & CTO Zend Technologies