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Events - 5 / 7 / 2013

WEBINAR: PHP, Security & Enterprise Compliance, and Zend Server's Really Useful Toolset

May 07, 2013 - May 07, 2013

9:00am PDT, 12:00pm EDT, 5:00pm GMT, 6:00pm CET

In today's high speed development and deployment world, security standards and compliance to them are more important than ever, since problems can spin out of control so quickly. It's an environment where many actors perform many operations simultaneously, which creates a chaos of changes that are difficult to follow and control. That's where Zend Server 6 can help: it's a production PHP server stack that was designed with the enterprise in mind. In this webinar we will go over the tools Zend Server provides to deal with the challenges of security and audit compliance. And because no tool could possibly encompass all possible requirements, we will also take a peek into how Zend Server can be customized with security compliance in mind.

Presenter: Yonni Mendes