The Encoder

Compiles and converts the plain-text PHP scripts into a platform-independent binary format known as a 'Zend Intermediate Code' file. These encoded binary files can then be distributed instead of the plain text PHP protecting your hard programming efforts.

  • Enables PHP source code protection (against copyright infringement and reverse-engineering) of commercial PHP applications through advanced encoding and obfuscation technologies.
  • Provides IT Managers with a solution that prohibits modification of their internal PHP application source code so they can effectively support them.
  • Streamlined integration with Zend Studio – just one click and your PHP application is encoded.
  • Auto-detects and suggests PHP code elements (such as functions and methods) to exclude them from being obfuscated significantly reducing development time.


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The License Manager

The Zend Guard License Manager both strengthens protection and enhances revenue generation opportunities.

  • Choose from a variety of licensing models such as concurrent users, time limited, segment of network, or server specific.


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How it works

The license file, deployed along with the encoded PHP, is validated at runtime. Licenses can be easily modified or renewed, without the need to deploy new software. Vendors can pick-and-choose from a variety of flexible licensing models:

  • Concurrent Users - Usage is limited by the number of real-time users.
  • Time Limited: - A time limited license used for evaluation purposes or time dependent terms, with pre-set expiration dates.
  • Segment of Network: - Usage is limited by IP address range restricting licenses according to network topology.
  • Specific Server: - License limited to specific hardware, based on Host ID.
  • Advanced Options: - Specify advanced licensing options by adding custom code.


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