The Complete Development Solution

The Zend PHP Development Suite is designed to help PHP developers create applications faster by providing all the necessary tools right off the bat. It includes a fully optimized PHP stack, a complete IDE for development, unique server side debugging tools, application code protection technologies, a license management tool to facilitate distribution, and many wizards for easier application deployment on private servers or cloud platforms. All the PHP tools you need in one place.

The Suite includes Zend Studio, Z-Ray, Zend Server, and Zend Guard

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Why use the Zend Developer Suite?

  • Get the convenience of one toolset for all your PHP development needs
  • Spend more time coding and less time evaluating tools or technologies
  • Work with any PHP framework, database or Web server
  • Develop, debug, test, protect, deploy, and distribute your apps
  • Increase productivity with the largest library of Eclipse plugins


  • Get unmatched debugging with Xdebug, Zend debugger and Z-Ray 
  • Leverage smart wizards to easily deploy on-premise or in the cloud
  • Protect your IP with the latest encoding and obfuscation technologies
  • Easily add license management to distribute your applications
  • Get support from the PHP experts from Zend Support



As a business, it is extremely convenient to get all of our tools from the one place fully dedicated to PHP. No other vendor can cover the whole development cycle. It is also important to know that all these tools are open and can be enriched easily with additional plugins. Love it!

Thank you Zend!

Frédéric Baillon, President of Darkmira