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We’ve taken Z-Ray to an entirely new level! Not only does it give you astonishing in-context insight into your PHP apps, now it:

•    Gives extra specific details for popular apps and frameworks
•    Helps debug mobile and web services requests that don’t originate from a browser
•    Provides URL insight on your slowest and worst-performing pages


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What's New

Are you a theme developer?  Z-Ray in Zend Server 8 provides app-details for:

Or, build your own app-specific extension with the Z-Ray Extensibility API! 

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Z-Ray Live!


Debug mobile and Web Services API calls with Z-Ray Live!  All the advantages of Z-Ray for debugging requests originating from native mobile clients and other non-browser sources.


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Working with URL Insight

Zend Server collects and presents information on some of the most interesting URLs on your Web server, giving you strong insight on critical URLs, such as the slowest, poorest performing, and most popular URLs.  Full Z-Ray snapshots for these URLs provides you with unprecedented insight into what real-world requests look like, coming from real users.


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