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Centralized Management of PHP Clusters with Zend Server

Manage Large Scale PHP Deployments

Running PHP applications on multiple servers presents several challenges that must be addressed in order to ensure error-free service:
  • Performance bottlenecks and PHP errors must be quickly detected, isolated and resolved
  • PHP configuration must be consistent across every server cluster to eliminate problems
  • Zend Server settings, such as page caching, job queuing and monitoring rules, must be applied across the cluster

Monitoring PHP Applications Across a Cluster

Zend Server's application monitoring capabilities can be extended across a clusters of PHP servers. Aggregated monitoring data is presented in a centralized web console, allowing you to quickly detect critical PHP issues in a large scale deployment. Using Zend Server's code tracing technology you can easily investigate problems that occur on any of your servers without having to reproduce the environment or problem scenario. 

Zend Server Cluster Manager PHP Events View

Centralized PHP Configuration Management

Maintaining a consistent environment is key for successful application deployment and ongoing operation. Seemingly harmless changes in PHP settings might result in severe problems. Zend Server ensures configuration consistency across a cluster. When adding a server to a cluster, Zend Server will automatically change its settings to match all other servers in the cluster. Zend Server monitors all servers within a cluster and alerts on any configuration changes, so you can act quickly to prevent issues.

The centralized configuration management offered by Zend Server helps you run your PHP applications smoothly and reduces the time traditionally required for setting up a large scale PHP environment.


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