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copyKey Benefits of Zend Server for Developers

Prevent Developer-Operations Collaboration Crises

Developing today’s mobile and web applications is challenging work. But your job isn’t finished after writing the last line of code: all of your efforts can be overshadowed by errors introduced in deployment, or by the additional work required to troubleshoot production issues. Poor collaboration with operations can lead to delays in production rollouts and hours wasted figuring out why code that worked on your system is breaking in production. Instead, let Zend Server take the pain away, giving you safe controlled access to production debugging data.

Manual, hand-scripted deployment can become a thing of the past with application deployment and rollback. Integrate your deployment with Continuous Integration and experience true operational agility.

If you’re tired of attempting to debug applications running in production, code tracing will slash problem resolution time and let you get back to building new features. No more time wasted attempting to reproduce production issues: you can see the code execution flow from the actual PHP request that went wrong in the middle of the night yesterday.

Optimize Application Performance

Nobody likes slow applications - least of all people trying to use them. Applications with substandard performance lead to unsatisfied end users and abandoned shopping carts. To prevent these issues, Zend Server gives you advanced performance charts and diagnostics to identify bottlenecks, and a suite of caching and other tools to achieve maximum performance. Additionally, the job queue allows you to run time-consuming jobs in parallel, rather than serially.

Zend Server dashboard

Develop Applications faster

Developers are continuously under pressure to deliver business critical applications on time. Why spend your time on the time sink that is tracking, installing, and configuring PHP libraries and drivers? Instead, use a consistent, comprehensive, supported PHP stack with built-in Zend Framework. And by using Zend Studio as your development environment, you’ll be able to work directly with advanced deployment and debugging capabilities of Zend Server.


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Customer Quote

   When it comes to ROI, we consider our investment in Zend technology to be a benefit on several fronts. It is easy to manage the PHP stack, and the strength of the error detection and reporting helps us reduce the time spent troubleshooting while increasing application availability and responsiveness. With session clustering alone, Zend more than paid for itself the moment we flipped the switch.   

Eric Long Sr. Manager, E-Business, Levolor

   Zend Server paid for itself by virtue of the issues we found and fixed in the first week alone – a benefit that is magnified exponentially as our e-commerce application grows.    

Josh Butts Director of Web Development, Offers.com

   We used the Code Tracing feature to optimize the DataCache parameters. It would have been very hard to track this down without the ability to trace the code directly in the production environment. We got a huge performance boost.   

Morgan NilssonSystem Developer, Ateles Consulting AB