Which Edition is Right for You?

The Zend Server Developer Edition that is right for you depends on your team,
the features you need and the level of support that fits your priorities.

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Get Zend Server
on pay-as-you go basis
on Amazon Web Services
Get it Now
For professional developers
working on great web and mobile apps
(billed annually)
  • Enjoy the best, hassle-free stack with broad PHP extension support
  • Supercharge your development experience with Z-Ray
Complete PHP stack w/ over 80 extensions & sample apps
Support for MongoDB, Redis and all popular SQL databases
Z-Ray in-browser & Z-Ray Live! for mobile & APIs
Zend Server plugins gallery
Z-Ray for WordPress, Magento and Drupal
Z-Ray for ZF, Apigility, Symfony 2 and Laravel
Supports Xdebug & Zend Debugger w/ mobile debugging
Integration with Zend Studio and other popular IDEs
DevOps automation & integration APIs and CLI tools
Job Queue and Caching APIs
Standard Developer Support
Web-based Support - 2 Business Days
For enterprise developers working on scalable,
business-critical web and mobile apps
(billed annually)
Get all Standard benefits PLUS
  • Keep your team fully productive with strong development SLA
  • Develop & test on the same scalable environment as production
  • Implement first-class DevOps best practices
Get all Standard benefits PLUS
Multi-server support for consistent dev/test environment
LDAP integration
Z-Ray for IBM i Toolkit (IBM i only)
Java connector (Java Bridge)
Unlimited data retention
Enterprise Developer Support
Phone support - 1 Business Day
Support and custom fixes for PHP, Zend Framework & Apigility
2 how-to questions
Long Term Support