Detailed Feature Comparison

The Zend Server for IBM i Basic is available for free to all IBM i users who want to get started with PHP on IBM i The Professional and Enterprise Editions have additional capabilities and support options for teams deploying commercial applications

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For getting started with
PHP on IBM i
For running business
critical applications
For running mission critical,
enterprise applications
Support and Security Fixes
Support via...
Web Tickets
Phone (24*7*365)
P1 Response Time
2 business hours
6 business hours
2 business hours
Security hotfixes
PHP, ZF 1 & 2 & Apigility support
Long Term Support (LTS)
Customer requested fixes for PHP, ZF 1 & 2 & Apigility
Monitoring & Root-Cause Analysis
Runtime trending dashboards
Comprehensive application monitoring
URL Insight - insight into top URLs
Custom Events - programmatic events
Z-Ray - secured access in production
Z-Ray - end user support
Event-triggered code traces
Read only access for developers
Event alerting
Integration APIs
Metric & data retention
2 weeks
3 months
OPcache - bytecode caching
Data Cache - data object caching
Page Cache - URL caching
Job Queue - offline processing & Jobs management
Application Management & Deployment
PHP libraries and applications management
Application deployment
Application deployment rollbacks
Application deployment automation (Deployment APIs)
Configuration Management
Pre-configured enterprise-class PHP runtime
Centralized configuration management (Web UI)
PHP, Web Server & Virtual Hosts configuration
Environment settings backup & restore
Unauthorized settings change detection & notification
Configuration audit trail
Compliance & Enterprise Readiness
Alerting integration with 3rd party monitoring tools
Deployment Integration with continuous Integration tools
Application access control via LDAP
Java Bridge - Java Connector
Audit trail for compliance management
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