Detailed Feature Comparison

The Zend Server Production Edition that is right for you depends on your team,

the features you need and the level of support that fits your priorities.

Small Business
For running advanced  single server applications
For running multi-server, business critical applications
When compliance, security and 24x7 support are not optional
Support and Security Fixes
Support via...
Web Tickets
Phone (24*7*365)
P1 Response Time
2 business days
6 business hours
2 hours
Security hotfixes
PHP support
Zend Framework 1 support (until the end of 2018)
Zend Framework 2 & 3 and Apigility support
Full stack support with Zend Server Plus
Long Term Support (LTS)
Customer requested fixes for PHP, ZF 1, 2 & 3 and Apigility
Monitoring & Root-Cause Analysis
Runtime trending dashboards
Comprehensive application monitoring
URL Insight - insight into top URLs
Custom Events - programmatic events
Z-Ray - secured access in production
Z-Ray - end user support
Event-triggered code traces
Read only access for developers
Event alerting
Integration APIs
Metric & data retention
2 weeks
3 months
Performance & Scalability
OPcache - bytecode caching
Data Cache - data object caching
Page Cache - URL caching
Job Queue - offline processing & Jobs management
Session Clustering
Fault tolerance
Cloud elasticity & automation
Application Management & Deployment
PHP libraries and applications management
Application deployment
Application deployment rollbacks
Application deployment automation (Deployment APIs)
Multi-server application deployment
Configuration Management
Pre-configured enterprise-class PHP runtime
Centralized configuration management (Web UI)
PHP, Web Server & Virtual Hosts configuration
Environment settings backup & restore
Unauthorized settings change detection & notification
email only
Multi-server configuration management
Configuration audit trail
Compliance & Enterprise Readiness
Alerting integration with 3rd party monitoring tools
Deployment Integration with continuous Integration tools
Application access control via LDAP
Java Bridge - Java Connector
Audit trail for compliance management
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