Zend Server and Nginx: The Fastest PHP Around


Zend Server is the #1 professional PHP stack. 

NGINX is the fastest growing Web server in the world and the top choice for large web sites, applications and services; its high performance architecture is extremely suitable for PHP.

Together, Zend Server and NGINX combine to make the ideal stack for agile PHP development and highly performant production deployment.

Why? NGINX's event driven architecture makes NGINX incredibly performant out of the box. This design delivers highly optimized connection management for HTTP requests so that hardware and operating system capacities can be fully leveraged: its method of keeping open server connections is ideal for "chatty" HTML5 and AJAX style clients. And static assets are delivered independently, so that processing power can be devoted to running your code. As an added bonus, NGINX has everything you need to implement a multi-node web server cluster.

Zend Server takes the complexity out of using NGINX with PHP: there's no simpler way to get started using PHP with this increasingly popular Web server. Installing Zend Server gives you a fully set up NGINX server properly configured to work with PHP. And it adds a pre-integrated and tested PHP stack, package management, shared libraries, event management, debugging, application clustering and much much more. Simply put: Zend Server and NGINX together give you the absolute fastest and most scalable out-of the box full-stack PHP implementation.

For more information about NGINX, visit http://nginx.org.




Note: Zend Server supports Nginx on Linux only.



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