Z-Ray Notes


Zend Server 7.0 supports both new installations and upgrades from Zend Server 5.6 and 6.x versions. Upgrading from a version prior to 5.6 is not supported. If you would like to upgrade a Zend Server that's older than 5.6, you should first upgrade to 5.6, and only then upgrade to 7.0.
On Linux, starting with version 6, the recommended way to install a new, or upgrade an existing, Zend Server installation is using the supplied script. The script ensures that the correct repositories are set, verifies system requirements and issues the correct package management commands to set Zend Server up properly. While it’s still possible to install Zend Server by manually setting up repositories, we advise always using the installation script.
For detailed installation instructions for all supported operating systems, please refer to the Zend Server Installation Guide​


Limitations and Known Issues

The following issues are known at the time of the 7.0 release:


Upgrade & Installation Related


Relase Notes for previous versions of Zend Server :