What's New in Zend Server 9.0

PHP 7 Support

This version of Zend Server ships with a certified and secure PHP 7 stack which also includes the largest amount of tested PHP extensions and libraries. All of Zend Server’s features and components, including Z-Ray, have been fine-tuned to make sure you can easily test your PHP 7 code on Zend Server.

PHP 7 is significantly faster than PHP 5.6, typically 2x faster:

  • PHP 7 consumes a lot less memory
  • Significantly reduce hardware/server costs
  • Much improved user experience thanks to trimmed response times






Above: Enhanced UI for code trace (click to enlarge)

Code Tracing Remake

We worked really hard in order to improve and enhance the code trace feature, which helps nail down production issues with minimal effort and without having to reproduce them – akin to a black box recorder on an airplane:

  • PHP 7 support
  • Modern GUI implementation (replaced Flash)
  • Improved performance, mainly in reducing trace load time
  • Easier adjustment to complex environments with data collection profiles
  • Zero configuration for manual code traces during development
  • Read this white paper to learn more.



This version of Zend Server includes some interesting new Z-Ray features, which based on your feedback, we think you’ll enjoy using:

  • Z-Ray History enables you to go back in time and use Z-Ray to analyze any of the requests made to your server in the past. To locate a specific issue, use the built-in filtering system to pin down that one request on your mind.
  • Support for teamwork through easy sharing of Z-Ray reports
  • With one simple click, all the valuable insight provided by Z-Ray can now be viewed on a full page, making viewing and analyzing the data much easier and faster.
  • Z-Ray can now be used to debug live CLI calls in Z-Ray Live!
  • XDebug support: debug with XDebug directly from Z-Ray




Above: Full screen Z-Ray (click to enlarge)


Above: Fast navigation (click to enlarge)

Server GUI

As with all major new versions of Zend Server, we’ve invested a lot in improving the user interface.

  • To make it easier to locate specific Zend Server features and UI pages, a new fast navigation option was added.
  • A new Zend Server plugin type enables you to add your own custom UI page using extension API.
  • The architecture behind the UI is now based on a single-page structure, making navigation smoother and faster.


We added prioritization options, to allow control on background jobs supporting systems such as CMS, Shops, Report engines etc.



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