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Adobe Flash Builder for PHP

Adobe Flash Builder for PHP

Rapidly deliver native, connected mobile apps

Developers tasked with building Internet-connected, native mobile applications face the challenges of maintaining multiple code bases to support different mobile operating systems, and of having to use separate tools for building the client and the server side. These challenges often lead to missed deadlines and compromises on functionality.

Now, through partnership between Zend and Adobe, you can deliver connected, cross-platform native mobile applications quickly and efficiently!

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Adobe® Flash® Builder™ 4.5.1 for PHP, which includes a tightly integrated Zend Studio 8, enables you to run a single code base on multiple devices, including iOS, Android and Blackberry Tablet.  Furthermore, the unified front-end and back-end development environment enables you to develop and debug the mobile user interface layer and the PHP server layer in a single workflow.

By blending the power of two best-of-breed development tools – Adobe Flash Builder and Zend Studio – developers can quickly create connected, native mobile applications.

Create joint Flex and PHP applications in a single workflow

You can easily create new Flex and PHP Projects as well as Flex Mobile and PHP Projects. Doing so creates the PHP project and its resources, creates the Flex project and its resources, and associates the two for ease of interaction. It's also possible to associate additional Flex projects with the same PHP code, and to change associations after creation.

Easily leverage back-end services in Flex

Code generation wizards allow you to create a strongly typed Flex data service simply by right-clicking the appropriate PHP code, thanks to Zend Studio's PHP code introspection capabilities.

Single-codebase support for multiple mobile devices/platforms

The IDE allows a single-codebase connected mobile Flex project to be packaged to run natively on multiple platforms and devices including iOS, Android, and Blackberry.

Seamless debugging through client-side Flex and server-side PHP code

Set code breakpoints in both ActionScript and PHP code, and step through the entire application flow from the client device to the back-end server. A debugging session can be started on an actual handheld device, activating first the Flex breakpoint and then (after the Flex code sends a request to the server), the PHP breakpoint.

Customer Quote

   Since we started using Flash Builder 4.5 for PHP beta we have saved easily hundreds of hours of work. Flash Builder 4.5 for PHP is exactly the tool we needed to get the job done.    

Arturo AlvaradoChief Technology Officer, SoftSmart Corp