What's New in Zend Studio 10.6

PHP Language Support

PHP 5.5 is now fully supported by Zend Studio - take advantage of features like generators, the finally keyword, new password hashing API, array and string literal dereferencing and more. Support includes content assist and syntax check as well as CLI script execution and built-in PHP 5.5.7 binaries.

Faster Project Processing

The capability of flagging specific folders as PHP libraries, to identify code that's developed and deployed as part of your project but not actively maintained, and so does not require constant re-validation.

Improved Debugging Experience

With improved Xdebug & ZendDebugger configuration, Zend Studio can now automatically detect and validate your PHP binary or local debugging server settings.

EGit Integration

The integration of EGit 3.2 provides access to interactive rebase that allows you to quickly edit a series of commits, among other usability and performance improvements.

Getting better with every release

Zend Studio 10.6 includes bug fixes and improvements, especially related to Remote System Support and working sets performance.

What's new in Zend Studio 10.5

This release is significantly faster and provides major improvements for some of the most common technologies used in every-day PHP development, which will greatly enhance your Zend Studio experience. Key improvements include:

  • Fastest Zend Studio ever - The latest release analyzes your projects up to twice as fast as previous releases, with improved responsiveness.
  • Rewritten Composer support for much improved reliability
  • Improved PHPUnit Integration with full support for PHPUnit 3.7
  • Brand new PHPDocumentor 2 support
  • Improved git support
  • Updated version of Apache Cordova for mobile-app creation, bringing better performance and full support for Windows 8 apps
  • Improved drag & drop designer

What's New in Zend Studio 10

End-to-end mobile app development

Zend Studio simplifies creation of mobile applications with server back-ends so that even developers with no prior experience can quickly become successful. A WYSIWYG editor enables fast creation of portable mobile apps, while a visual service editor greatly simplifies the creation of RPC or RESTful data back-ends.

Testing mobile apps is much easier with a new integrated web services debugger, and a deployment process that allows testing via Web Mobile emulator or directly to real devices.

Once apps are built, Zend Studio 10 enables a simple workflow to create iOS, Android and Windows Phone mobile applications that can be published on their respective application stores, for maximum user reach and easy consumption.

Zend Framework 2 support

Use the latest PHP release and benefit from Eclipse platform ecosystem

Staying up to date with the latest technologies is important. Zend Studio 10 supports development using PHP 5.4.11 and 5.3.21, giving developers the power of its new capabilities and syntax, such as traits. And it uses Eclipse as its base platform, leveraging its popular code editing capabilities and its ecosystem of plug-ins. You'll benefit from the many JavaScript, CSS3, and HTML5 editor improvements in Eclipse; try some Extra Features available for easy installation from Studio’s Welcome page!


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