What's New in Zend Studio 11

Apigility Integration

Zend Studio can create a new Apigility-enabled project, install all required Composer dependencies and launch the Apigility Admin with just a few clicks. As you start defining new APIs, all changes made by Apigility will be visible in the PHP Explorer view and links in the Apigility Admin UI will open your PHP file in the source code editor. Once the service is defined, you are just one click away from seeing it in action - the ‘Test Service’ button will enable you to send requests and check responses.

And, if you're working on a Cloud-Connected Mobile project, the client-side of your mobile application can easily be connected with the API created via Apigility.

Production-ready Applications

The "Export Deployment Package" wizard now includes a new “production-ready” option. This option uses the ZF Deploy tool to prepare your application for production usage by excluding any development modules, and replacing the configuration files for testing with configurations optimized for a production environment.

Tighter Integration with Application Servers

This new version of Zend Studio introduces a unified and centralized PHP servers configuration and access management. The new ‘PHP Servers’ view in combination with streamlined configuration wizards, provide a convenient way of managing different types of server configurations, whether local, remote, on premise, or in the cloud. Zend Studio will guide you through all the settings, including: Path Mapping, Tunneling, Automatic Upload and Debugger preferences.

Enhanced Composer Integration

With the latest Zend Studio, managing Composer dependencies is easier than ever. With the revamped and much faster dependency browser, you can take advantage of improved validation to avoid runtime problems, add Composer support during project creation, and easily work with password-protected repositories.

Reduced size, better performance, improved quality.

Zend Studio 11 comes with smaller disk footprint, faster startup time, numerous performance improvements (especially around Remote Systems and servers integration) and bug fixes.

What's new in previous versions of Zend Studio

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