What's New in Zend Studio 13

The Fastest Path to PHP 7, Docker Management and Optimized User Experience


The latest release includes support for PHP 7 with PHP 7 Express migration assistant, support for Docker and Git Flow, upgraded editor and debugging experience, and other performance and quality improvements.



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PHP 7 Support 

Zend Studio 13 ships with the most complete PHP 7 support to date. It provides support for the newest scripting concepts in PHP 7, such as Return Type Declarations, Anonymous Classes, the Spaceship Operator, Group Use Declarations, Scalar Type Hints, and more.

PHP 7 Express

The new built-in migration tool assistant makes the transition to PHP 7 easier and faster. This new tool scans existing projects for compatibility issues such as - removed and deprecated usages, or new reserved words in PHP 7.  It points developers to the exact line of code where the issue is located and suggests quick fixes.


Docker Support

Zend Studio 13 includes new Docker tooling that supports the management of Docker Images and Containers. It integrates with existing PHP tooling which allows running, testing and debugging PHP applications on Docker Containers with a PHP stack.


Git Flow Support

Zend Studio 13 comes with the latest and greatest EGit 4.0 tooling. One of the highlights in this new version is the support for the Git Flow branching model which is pretty commonly used among PHP developers.


Installation as an Eclipse Plugin

This new version of Zend Studio is based on the latest version of Eclipse - Mars 4.5.1 . Developers already using Eclipse as a development platform will welcome the addition of a dedicated Zend Studio 13 plugin that can be installed directly from within their development environment.


Enhanced Debugging Experience

A new debugging workflow design makes debugging easier. Zend Studio automatically detects the installed debugger for local and remote Servers and helps configure the client IPs for debugging.

Redundant client IPs are detected and removed while invalid or inaccessible IPs are reported. And when adding a new PHP server, Zend Studio will automatically provide the “best match” client IP.

Also, Zend Debugger tunneling configuration can now be set up in debugger client settings for PHP server

Other Enhancements

Improved PHP Editor

Improved Zend Server Integration

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