The success of a product depends on how fast the idea moves from concept to roll-out, at a lower cost while maintaining quality. With Zend Studio, as the Integrated Development Environment, and Zend Server as the application platform with an integrated PHP stack, developers can write better code and solve issues long before their code reaches production. Zend Server’s job queue and code tracing features provide the right tools to improve application architecture and rapidly solve production problems.

The result: early error detection, faster release process, and better application performance.

Boost App Performance and Development Productivity  

A more comprehensive and cohesive application development environment is a sure-fire way to superior customer service. And an integral part of a successful application delivery process includes Zend Studio complemented by Zend Server that allows development and operations teams to work together, ensuring releases go smoothly and potential errors are discovered and fixed before the application is released to the end user.


Zend Studio’s built-in debugging and content assist enables development teams to collaborate and code faster, avoid common mistakes, and move into production faster with more confidence and reliability.  

With Zend Server, apps are guaranteed to run faster. Zend Server provides insights into most popular or slowest URLs and full snapshots of users requests that can help operations what is happening in the production environment, boost performance when possible, scale up or down as needed to absorb growth and traffic spikes.


Customer Quote

Debugging with Zend Studio, which is tightly integrated with Zend Server, is by far the fastest way to resolve an issue. Zend Server’s ability to capture an exception in a way that allows us to launch a line-by-line debugger fully emulating the request/server environment at the time of the error is remarkable.

Phillip Shipley, Manager of Web Development, WebEx Cisco Systems


Deploy in days or weeks, not months or years

Simplicity and automation are in the DNA of a successful application delivery process which means productive development needs to be coupled with smooth deployment. Zend Server’s application deployment model and clustering features enables organizations to automate the processes of moving application code from QA to production and scaling in the cloud.


Customer Quote

"The expectations of software customers today are different. I remember the days when it was permissible to release code once a year, and to not have certain degrees of automation. The game has changed. Today customers are connected everywhere, and they want instant connections without sacrificing quality. I really cannot imagine how to address that expectation without adding the automation and good processes of what we’ve come to call Continuous Delivery with Zend Server as the integral part".

Luis Colón, Director of Enterprise Architecture at CDS Global



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