The manufacturing industry is vast, ever-changing and highly competitive. A general lack of automation and ease of use can make it difficult for plant personnel to access, manage and share data, project documents and reports for numerous manufacturing plants.

A core tenet of market leadership is leveraging new information technologies to support and automate agile manufacturing processes and organizations rely on a specially developed quality and process management system, powered by PHP and Zend.

Using the Zend PHP stack, organizations build new PHP-based applications to automate key maintenance management processes for all production equipment used in the manufacturing plants.



GroupMT Quote

We chose Zend for the robust quality of its PHP application development platform, with application monitoring, troubleshooting and optimization capabilities as well as strong integration with IBM i. 

Dr. Rainer Schmitz, Head of IT, GroupMT 

We chose PHP because we can achieve full integration with our existing server system via Zend Server. We previously developed in ASP, however ASP required an external server to integrate the application with i. Removing this external server has significantly improved integration and performance.

Ivano Mangiarotti - IT Manager, Carlo Gavazzi Automation


Reaping the Benefits of Automation

Teams can build a new release and switch over, with one click, in as little as one second using Zend Server. If Zend Server monitoring detects an error, roll-back can be done in literally one second. Zend Server’s Code Tracing provides root-cause diagnostics to help identify the location and severity level of any issue, so operations can decide on the spot whether or not it needs to be addressed it in real-time. This is guarantee a reliable high availability manufacturing management environment.

A technology foundation built on PHP and supported by Zend can inspire a more collaborative approach to application development, with correct programming from the start. Archaic manual and error-prone processes can and should be automated. And a custom application development platform with Zend Server in the core streamlines manufacturing operations. Zend Server allows teams to build once and run applications seamlessly across all numerous plants. The result of a new and a more agile approach - what usually takes many months can be reduced to days or weeks

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