Effective development and management of business-critical applications can have direct benefits from reduced IT costs and indirectly with the gains in performance and reliability. Zend Studio as the integrated development environment enables swift creation of new projects - the built-in Content Assist helps teams code faster and avoid common mistakes developers can make in PHP, and move into production faster with more confidence in the reliability of applications. And, Zend Server’s application performance monitoring provides the ability to analyze and maximize performance on the go.


Business Agility: Speed, Flexibility and Innovation

The right technology platform can fuel growth by delivering a significant value-add to end-users. Zend provides an enterprise-ready application platform to build customized retail applications from the ground up that enables quick development and ongoing innovation. 

Rather than reinventing the wheel, Zend’s integrated solution facilitates effective collaboration between different functions leading to productive development and smooth operations. 

Zend Server helps to automate tedious manual troubleshooting steps and accelerate problem resolution.

Running on a standardized Zend Server application platform throughout the application lifecycle allows Verkkokauppa.com to eliminate error-prone manual process steps and ensure consistency of the environment and configuration during releases.

Customer Quotes

By using Zend Studio and Zend Server for our constantly evolving applications, we’ve been able to gain better control over our applications while saving time and ensuring quality.​
Frederik Glücks, Managing Director of CONFTEC


Zend has considerably reduced our development time, so that end users can see their applications go into production much more quickly than before.

Rogério Machado Mendonça, System Analyst at Marilan 

Improving Application Quality

By standardizing on Zend Server as the enterprise PHP platform across the entire application lifecycle and adopting a comprehensive continuous integration process, renowned  retailers are able to significantly accelerate their release cycles and dramatically improve the release quality. Brands generating a major portion of their revenue online via its proprietary PHP based eCommerce solution, are able to reduce application development time to half the original time and regularly deploys up to 20 releases to production each day. The environment standardization, automated testing practices, and diagnostics visibility helps retailers achieve an 8x reduction in the number of bugs making their way  into production, thereby reducing costs and improving application quality.


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