35 min | English February 27, 2014

Jon Hibbins, CTO of iV Platform (the largest digital voucher platform in Europe) discusses with Paul Holt (VP EMEA at Zend) and Paul Wander (Owner at Inviqa) how best to adopt PHP & Open Source technologies within demanding enterprise environments. With 15+ years of open source experience each, they explain why PHP is the first choice for many organizations who want to expand their web and mobile presence; why it is important to think of the scalable management of applications from the outset; and how solutions like Zend Server provide the end-to-end assurance and capabilities that allows CTOs to sleep soundly at night! Under Jon’s tenure, iV Platform has grown tremendously, and he shares his experiences of how he handled that rapid expansion of load, traffic spikes, etc. – and offers practical guidance to fellow CTOs, IT Managers, Development & Operations Managers, on how best to use the solutions available within the PHP world to maximum effect.

Presenters – Jon Hibbins, (CTO, iV Platform), Paul Holt (VP EMEA, Zend Technologies) and Paul Wander (Owner, Inviqa)