The Performance Challenge

Poor applications performance is significantly impacting overall business operation and decreasing customer satisfaction. Analysts suggest that Issues with application performance are affecting overall corporate revenues by up to 9%.

 Being it direct revenue loss or decline in satisfaction and productivity, companies are often challenged with an urgent need to improve their internal and external facing applications. In fact nearly 60% of IT organizations are not satisfied with the performance of business critical applications.


Zend Application Performance Audit

The application performance audit brings Zend’s PHP performance optimization expertise to your PHP applications. Zend’s consultants will work with your developers and IT staff on evaluating the web transactions and overall behavior of your PHP application. The outcome is a comprehensive report which includes the analysis results, main application performance and scalability bottlenecks and architecture challenges uncovered. Zend will also provide detailed recommendations for remediation which will allow you developers and IT staff to optimize and improve your overall application performance and end user experience.



The Performance Audit Methodology

The performance audit features a comprehensive methodology that has been applied to hundreds of applications globally, across industries. During the engagement, load/stress tests and detailed profiling data provide the basis for evaluating the behavior of individual transactions and the application as a whole. A typical audit agenda includes:

  • Inspection of the application’s PHP code
  • High level transactions monitoring and profiling
  • PHP execution and extensions performance analysis
  • Transaction breakdown and drill down using Zend Server Code Tracing
  • Database performance analysis (Queries and engine)
  • I/O analysis
  • OS and file system performance
  • Web server performance analysis
  • Application/Cluster bottlenecks identification
  • Communication, web services and interfaces bottlenecks


Optimization and Remediation Techniques

The Performance Audit delivers detailed recommendations aimed at reducing the transaction execution times, increase scalability and drive code optimization and coding best practices. Areas of optimizations can include: