Application development organizations need to be efficient, innovative, and release reliable high quality software to continuously respond to business demands. Up to 68% of all software projects are believed as not successful or suffer major delays causing companies significant costs in IT spending and lost revenue.  Zend will partner with your developers to significantly extend their skillset and effectiveness by providing a layer of architectural assurance, continuously assist with adoption of best practices and implement industry proven development methodologies.

By bringing and sharing the expertise from hundreds of development projects globally with your team and  deep knowledge of the PHP ecosystem, Zend can helps your developers to focus their efforts on what they do best - quickly delivering high quality, well performing applications to your customers.


Key Benefits

  • Accelerate time to market
  • Drive developers success
  • Ensure high quality Software
  • Adopt industry best practices


Real expert advice is very hard to find. Our customers ask us for ongoing expert advice allowing developers to continuously evolve their skills while focusing on their code and meeting their deadlines. Zend created the Architecture advisor program to provide our customers with ongoing access to a dedicated PHP architect from our professional services team of experts and extend their outreach to Zend ‘s wider PHP community and partner ecosystem. Whether you are starting a new project or improving an existing production application, your Zend Architecture advisor will be there to assist your team periodically or on demand with software architecture and design, adoption of development practices and finding solutions to technical challenges.


The Architecture Advisor program

  • Assigns an experienced & trusted PHP architect
  • Provides long term support for PHP development projects
  • Accelerates software development and delivery Enables ongoing access to expert guidance
  • Ensures consistent, modern and scalable architecture
  • Provides guidance on performance  and efficiency optimizations
  • Continuously drives developers productivity and enhances knowledge
  • Ensures adherence to industry best practices

Architecture Advisor typical engagement schedule

  • Initial architecture Review (1-2 weeks)
    • Application discovery and Planning
    • Architecture best practices discussion
  • Monthly follow-up Sessions (2-4 days/month)
    • Evaluate development progress
    • Consult developers on architecture and code quality
    • Implement automation and advanced application delivery best practices
    • Adapting Architecture to new requirements
  • On demand access to Expert Advice
    • PHP Core runtime, Zend Framework, partner application frameworks
    • Continuous delivery methodologies experts