Modern web applications are rapidly changing in order to address new business requirements driven by the implementation of agile development methodologies. With the emergence of virtualization, maturity of cloud technologies, and proliferation of infrastructure as a service and platform as a service environments, applications are required to become portable, scalable and architected with the agility to support rapid change.


The architecture audit ensures that your application follows established best practices of PHP design through a comprehensive evaluation of the application code and workflows with a focus on scalability, supportability and cloud readiness. The audit is an objective, third party review of the PHP application providing an unbiased expert assessment that significantly reduces the risk of missing or ignoring potentially critical flaws in your application architecture and ensures compliance with PHP and Zend Framework best practices.


Custom Designed Audit


Zend’s consultants in conjunction with the developers of the PHP runtime and ZendFramework have established a set of standard criteria for evaluating the PHP application code base. Each audit is customized to specifically match the design and implementation requirements of the application and the company’s production business goals such as scalability, performance thresholds, portability across environments, cloud readiness and elasticity.

Typical areas of focus in architecture audits may include:


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