Migrate to the latest, most secure, and best performing PHP

The Zend PHP Architecture Migration Services are designed to help organizations successfully update their PHP applications to take advantage of the most modern, secure and best performing versions of PHP or Zend Framework.

Migrating to a new PHP runtime major version or a new PHP application framework can present a number of challenges. To benefit from new capabilities of the platform, incompatible legacy code must be identified and replaced, new technologies should be utilized and new methodologies should be adopted. Understanding the potential issues ahead of time can accelerate the migration effort and streamline the transition for development and IT teams, thereby saving time, unexpected costs and frustration.

The Architecture Migration is guided by Zend Professional Services consultants who focus on identifying the key application requirements and potential areas of the code that may require changes during a migration. Once a clear strategy for the environment and application design is established the consultant will work with the developers and guide them through implementation of the code modifications. This hands-on mentoring approach provides the developers with the skills and confidence to move forward with the migration of their applications.

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Modernize and Migrate: Moving to PHP 7

PHP 7 is the next version of PHP and the most important development in PHP since 2004. PHP 7 introduces a new runtime architecture based on the PHPNG project, led by Zend's engineers to improve performance and resource consumption. PHP 7 includes many language advances but its most staggering benefits focus on performance. PHP 7 runs real world apps up to two times faster than PHP 5.6!

The PHP migration and modernization process begins with an assessment of the application code to identify architecture and code areas incompatible with the new PHP version. Zend Professional Services methodology utilizes both automated tools developed specifically for identifying migration code patterns, and manual reviews of the code. At the conclusion of the application analysis phase, recommendations for architecture and code changes are presented in a report. Zend Professional Services then works with your developers to implement the changes and make sure the application complies with the new PHP runtime requirements.


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Migrating early PHP versions to PHP 5.6 and beyond

PHP 5.6 is the current version of the PHP 5 runtime. It was a major milestone release that added significant new capabilities to the language that powers more than one-third of the Web. PHP 5.6 introduced key new features including generators, a new password hashing API, the finally keyword, and more; millions of PHP users worldwide migrated their applications and started new ones on the 5.6 release.

PHP 5.3 entered its end of life phase in July 2014 and PHP 5.4 ended its community support period on September 2014. Neither security nor functional bug fixes are released by the community for these versions. Older versions of PHP including 5.2 have already reached that status a few years back. If you run business critical applications, upgrading to the most recent PHP version will allow you to benefit from language and runtime enhancements, better security and compliance with security regulations, significantly improved performance and new functionality. Whether you've already planned for a migration or are merely evaluating the process, Zend Professional Services brings years of experience in PHP migration projects to assist you with planning architecting and delivering successful application migration. Don't compromise your application performance, stability or security. Rely on Zend's architecture experts to safely guide you through the migration.


Zend Framework 1.x to Zend Framework 2.x Migration

Zend Framework 2 is the leading PHP open source framework for developing web applications and web services using PHP. Zend Framework 2 is designed and built with 100% object-oriented code and utilizes most of the new features of PHP 5.3 including namespaces, late static binding, lambda functions and closures. Zend Framework 2 evolved from Zend Framework 1, the most successful PHP framework with over 15 million downloads and which serves as the foundation of thousands of PHP applications.

Although Zend Framework 1 is still supported including maintenance and security updates, many IT organizations are planning the migration of their Zend Framework 1 applications to Zend Framework 2 to take advantage of its new architecture and features. Applications that do not use a framework or use a framework other than Zend Framework can be also migrated to Zend Framework 2 and gain similar benefits. The Zend Professional Services team is ready to support your migration efforts, bringing the experience of the architects and creators of Zend Framework to deliver architecture guidance and ensure adherence to best practices.



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