Andi Gutmans leads the PHP Collaboration Project and Zend product strategy, working together with both partners and the community, to build the market’s leading Web development platform. Andi has been a leading contributor to PHP since 1997. Recently, Andi spearheaded the object-oriented improvements for PHP 5. He is a member of the PHP Group, the Apache Software Foundation, and on the board of the Eclipse Foundation. Additionally, he brings a rich background in enterprise software development including real-time avionics simulation software and n-tier J2EE applications. Andi holds a B.A. in Computer Science from the Technion, Israel Institute of Technology.
Anthony Ferrara specializes in Object Oriented Design, Application Architecture and Web Application Security. He is an active contributor to multiple Open Source projects, as well as the PHP community as a whole. Anthony also is a frequent speaker at conferences and user groups. He has been programming in one form or another for over 20 years, with many languages including PHP, C, Go, Python, Fortran and PERL.
Chris Shiflett is a principal of OmniTI, where he leads the web application security practice. Shiflett is a leader in the PHP community - a popular speaker at industry conferences worldwide, the founder of the PHP Security Consortium, a contributor to the Zend Framework, and an author of the Zend PHP Certification. A prolific writer, Shiflett is the author of the critically-acclaimed Essential PHP Security (O'Reilly) and HTTP Developer's Handbook (Sams). His writing has also appeared in numerous articles for php|architect and PHP Magazine, as well as a number of other popular books including Programming PHP (O'Reilly) and PHP Cookbook (O'Reilly).
Christian Wenz is an author, trainer and consultant with focus on web technologies. With his company Arrabiata Solutions GmbH he makes his customers’ web applications more reliable, better performing, and more secure. Among the over 100 books he wrote or co-wrote are the PHP Phrasebook (where he also co-created the book series) and several other titles on PHP and other web technologies. Christian frequently speaks at developer conferences around the globe on his favorite topics: web application security, web performance, and all things JavaScript. He maintains a couple of PEAR packages and contributes to several other open source projects. He holds a university degree in Computer Science and one in Business Informatics
Damien Seguy is CTO at Oximag, a China based online factory service company. Damien works on bringing highly efficient internet e-commerce in the turmoil of China's industry. This is a daily juggling between cutting edge technology and traditional process, taking the project from the hardware up to the highest level of fengshui. Cultural challenge is never far. 
Ilia Alshanetsky is a core PHP developer, responsible for a large number of commonly used extensions and language components. Ilia can be frequently found speaking at conferences on a variety of PHP related topics and his articles regularly appear in various publications. He is the author of the Guide to PHP Security, as well as the author of the Zend Certification Training and Professional PHP courses. IIia is also the primary developer of the FUDforum bulletin board.
Ivo Jansch is one of the founders of, a mobile products and services company in The Netherlands. In the past he's been the CTO of Ibuildings and a software architect, developer and consultant in a variety of small to large projects. Ivo has an interest in generalization and architectural concepts. He's always on the lookout for new technologies or new ways to use existing technologies. Last but not least, Ivo is a PHP evangelist. He's authored a book called 'php|architect's Guide to Enterprise PHP Development' and regularly speaks at PHP conferences.
Jeff Moore has been developing software professionally for almost twenty years and programming in PHP for ten. He has written for php|architect magazine and spoken at PHP conferences. He is currently a senior software engineer for Mashery, inc.
Jeremy Lindblom is a PHP software engineer at Amazon Web Services in Seattle, WA, where he works on the AWS SDK for PHP and strives to make it easier for PHP developers to work with "the cloud". Outside of work he likes to work on personal and open source PHP projects, help organize the Seattle PHP User Group, spend time with his family, sing, make funny faces, watch movies, and eat yummy food. You can find Jeremy on Twitter (@jeremeamia) and on his website
Kevin Schroeder is well versed in a wide variety of technologies pertinent to both small and large scale application deployments. He has developed production software using a wide variety of languages including PHP and Java. He has twice served on the Zend Certified Engineer board and managed the content for ZendCon and has been its MC for two years. Most currently he works for Magento as a consultant and instructor and loves doing things to Magento that a researcher wouldn’t do to a lab rat. He is an international speaker and is also the co-author of “The IBM i Programmer’s Guide to PHP”, author of “You want to do WHAT with PHP?” and “Advanced PHP on the IBM I”. Kevin has released two albums; “Coronal Loop Safari” and “Loudness Wars” and can be found online at speaking in the first person.
Marco Tabini is the founder and publisher of php|architect, the premier magazine for PHP professionals. Marco has been in the software business for fifteen years, having worked on a variety of projects for large companies and is an accomplished author of books and articles on software development and management.
Marcus Boerger is a freelancer located in Germany and specializes on C/C++, databases, UML, XML and of course PHP. To the PHP community he is also known as 'helly'. As one of the core developers, he focused on the OO features of PHP 5 and the Zend Engine II. Marcus has been 'hacking' around on all kinds of stuff for over 15 years now and is currently working for Ford Motor Company where he develops next generation navigation technologies.
Martin Jansen is currently studying computer science at RWTH Aachen University, Germany, and works as a software engineer for Bauer + Kirch GmbH. Martin has been using PHP since the first beta version of PHP 3, and has worked as a technical reviewer with publishers of PHP-related books such as O'Reilly and Pearson. He is a member of the PEAR Group, which oversees the well-being of the project, and takes care of PEAR's technical infrastructure. Also he maintains a few PEAR packages. In the past Martin helped to establish the successful German-speaking PHP-FAQ and wrote a few paragraphs for the official PHP manual.
Matthew Weier O'Phinney was a Computer Sciences refugee for many years, but returned to programming in 2000, when he was introduced to ASP, Perl and PHP, in that order. After working in a variety of positions as well as freelancing, he joined Zend in 2005 as part of their new "eBiz" team, where he implemented CMS solutions and mid-tier web services for Zend's online presence. He moved full time to the Zend Framework team in late 2007, and took over as project lead in 2009. 
Mike Naberezny is a principal of Maintainable Software, LLC, where he specializes in data intensive applications and systems programming. He is known in the PHP community for getting the Zend Framework project off the ground while working for Zend Technologies. Mike previously worked in various senior engineering roles, most recently as a software architect for Flextronics, leading software teams to build infrastructure solutions for the world's largest contract manufacturer. Mike regularly speaks at conferences on software development and is a committer on several open source projects.
Paul M. Jones is an internationally-recognized expert on PHP, performance benchmarking, software project management, and other technologies and disciplines. He is the architect of the Solar Framework, author of the Savant template system, and a founding contributor to the Zend Framework. 
Stanislav Malyshev has been developing Web software for almost two decades, and has been with the PHP project since year 2000. He has contributed to many parts of PHP core and PHP-related projects such as Zend Framework and Zend Server, and helped writing PHP certification exams. He is currently serving as a release manager for 5.4 branch of PHP and is working as a Software Architect for SugarCRM.
Tobias Schlitt has been working with PHP for more than 5 years a community-known PHP expert. After having finished his apprenticeship as an IT Specialist and being employed as a Software Architect at Deutsche Bank AG, he is now studying Computer Science and working for eZ systems on the eZ components project. He has experiences in the areas of software-design, architecture and development, as well as in the training and authoring environment.
Zeev Suraski is one of the creators of PHP and the Zend Engine on which all PHP sites and applications are run. He is also the author of some of the most popular PHP modules, such as the MySQL and PostgreSQL extensions. Zeev has been working on Zend Engine II - the core of the PHP 5. Zeev is a member of both the PHP Group and the Apache Software Foundation, and has rich experience in UNIX system programming, Web technologies and the Windows architecture. Zeev holds a Bachelor's degree in Computer Science from the Technion, Israel Institute of Technology.