Is your goal to release software faster with higher quality?



Looking to adopt an agile approach to app development and delivery?
Planning to automate application build, deployment or other processes?

Zend can help you build your roadmap

With a Continuous Delivery assessment, our expert consultant will partner with you to assess your  software delivery strategy and build a roadmap to implement more rapid and higher quality application releases.

Our structured methodology utilizes the Zend blueprint for Continuous Delivery, which is a collection of patterns, best practices, code integrations and software development kits that help companies both implement the individual steps of continuous delivery and tie the entire process together

This assessment will help evaluate your team's current process maturity level and make specific recommendations on approachable next steps.


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The Continuous Delivery blueprint methodology



The blueprint for Continuous Delivery is designed to simplify and accelerate the process of bringing  applications from code to production, and to integrate all of the key capabilities involved- from source control, to continuous integration, to automating infrastructure provisioning and application release processes.

Our consultants follow a methodology based on  years of expertise working with large companies to implement  DevOps best practices.