Start Fast

SmartStart is designed to help your team rapidly implement automation techniques and 

begin the process of applying an agile methodology to your application delivery process.


Your team with our experts

Our consultants work with your team to install and configure the key foundations of a fully functional Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery pipeline.  



Shared knowledge

A hands-on approach allows your savvy developers and devops engineers to gain the skills to immediately utilize the environment we build together.

A foundation to build on

Your team will be ready to adopt additional complimentary technologies such as improved automated testing or automated code quality checks to further accelerate application delivery and keep improving quality.

The fastest route to build a Continuous Delivery practice

Implement a Continuous Integration build pipeline

  • Integration with version control/SCM
  • Introduction of build script

Build the foundation for automated testing

  • Code style and quality analysis
  • Unit testing
  • Review functional testing methodologies

Develop the foundation for Application packaging and release automation

  • Automate application packaging for target environments
  • Custom installation scripts and configurations

Develop basic Infrastructure provisioning automation

  • Pilot for automated provisioning a PHP environment

More automation, higher quality, accelerated releases


The SmartStart program is designed and delivered by Zend Professional Services. Our consultant will work with your team to implement a basic fully functional Continuous delivery process or optimize and improve an existing or partial process.

This approach is based on Zend's blueprint for Continuous Delivery, which is a best practices approach to automate and tie together all of the processes involved in bringing an application to market. Our shared goal is to accelerate the software delivery process, drive automation of manual processes and improve application quality.