Take your PHP career to the next level with PHP Fundamentals III. This course is designed for experienced PHP developers who want to understand the principals of software architecture. This class will introduce students to the tools and techniques used by enterprise-grade PHP development around the world.

Don't settle for the basics, learn the advanced concepts you need to become a PHP architect.

What will I learn?

PHP Fundamentals III teaches the advanced level PHP developer, the concepts they need to know to create modern web based applications. It covers concepts like using PHP from the Command Line, to building REST based APIs. This course covers tools like PHP's SPL as well as Docker.

What will I be able to achieve?

Upon completion of this course, PHP developers will be able to:

  • Utilize Docker in both development and production settings
  • Design and create APIs using PHP
  • Setup continuous delivery and continuous integration systems
  • Write PHP scripts that can be run from the command line and from crons


PHP Fundamentals III is designed for PHP developers with at least three years of experience. Students must have a firm grasp on PHP and object-oriented development in PHP.


PHP Fundamentals I & PHP Fundamentals II are strongly recommended to any PHP developer with less than three years of professional experience developing software using PHP. Four years of experience is recommended.

Class Format

This online class provides nine 2.5 hours’ instructor-led lectures coupled with practical examples and student exercises. You’ll be given a participant course guide, to help you follow along with the lectures and exercises. 

Class outline



PHP advance cases

  1. DateTime API
  2. Generators
  3. Closure class
  4. PHP recent additions

 Standard PHP library

  1. Iterators
  2. PSR-4 Autoloader

PHP advanced techniques

  1. Command line interface (CLI)
  2. PSR-6 caching interface
  3. Extension custom development

 Targeted server environments

  1. Continuous delivery
  2. CD Phing build tool
  3. Jmeter Load Testing


  1. Docker containers
  2. Docker execution labs
  3. Docker compose

Web APIs

  1. REST endpoints and resources
  2. Building a REST service API
  3. URL parsing

PSR-7 messaging and middleware

  1. PSR-7: HTTP message interfaces
  2. Middleware
  3. Zend Expressive

Software architecture

  1. Software design patterns
  2. Domain-driven design


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