Unit testing is a proven way to reduce not only the number of bugs in code, but the cost of the bugs that make it into production. Bugs that are caught early are cheaper to fix. The PHP Unit Testing JumpStart course is designed to get you started on unit testing quickly by teaching you the proper way to build your unit tests.

What will I learn?

PHP Unit Testing JumpStart is designed to teach students everything they need to get started with unit testing using the PHPUnit testing framework. Students will learn everything from how to set up their environment to how to write their first tests.

What will I be able to achieve?

  • Understand why unit testing is important and what makes a good unit test
  • Learn how unit testing fits into the larger picture of a continuous deployment infrastructure
  • Understand doubles, dummies, stubs, and mocks
  • Understand data providers in tests


This course is specifically designed for intermediate to senior-level developers who want to learn how to design and build better unit tests.


A solid understanding of PHP and object-oriented programming in PHP is required to take this course.

Class Format

This interactive online class is 6 hours long led by a certified instructor. 


Class outline



PHP Unit Testing JumpStart

  1. What is Test Driven Development?
  2. Modularizing code
  3. Assertions
  4. Doubles & dummies
  5. Mocking & stubs
  6. Data providers
  7. Code Katas
  8. Wrap-up

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