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Training Units

If you are uncertain about how many employees you will need to train or if you want to build out a full learning plan for many employees and implement it over time, Zend Training Units allow you the flexibility to take Zend training courses when and how you want it.

Each training unit can be applied to any Zend Training course, including open-enrollment or private online and classroom courses, as well as onsite training classes.

Examples of Courses and corresponding Value for Online Training:

Online Training Course Hours Sessions Value in Units
PHP I: Foundations 18 9 5
PHP II: Higher Structures 22 1/2
9 6
Test Prep: PHP Certification 18 9 5
Quick Start: PHP for OO/Proc Programmers 20 10 6
PHP I: Foundations (IBM i/OS Programmers) 18 9 5
Zend Framework: Fundamentals 18 9 5
Zend Framework 2: Fundamentals 20 10 6
Zend Framework: Advanced 20 10 6
Zend Framework 2: Advanced 20 10 6
Test Prep: Zend Framework Certification 16 8 5
Building Security into your PHP Applications 6 3 3
Zend Server 12 1/2
5 4
Zend Studio 10 5 4

For onsite training options, please contact sales. In the case of onsite training, travel & expenses are not covered by training units and billed separately at cost.

Customer Quote

   I haven't done *any* online courses like this before, so I don't have much fodder for comparison, but I'm really enjoying the class so far. Compared to just buying a book, which is what I normally do, this is a far more engaging way to learn.   

David WolfeAAA Northern California

   Well done. The examples were to the point. Also, you helped us keep an eye on security and performance in php (something all too often overlooked).   

Troy Wright,Information Technology Services, University of California, Santa Cruz

   Thanks for making PHP look much easier then what it has.   

Dale Looft