SoftLayer: the foundation of it all

IBM's cloud offerings are all built on SoftLayer, which provides cloud infrastructure as a service.  You can customize your instance to suit your PHP application requirements, and then easily install Zend Server.

Learn more about SoftLayer

PureApplication: Simplifying your configuration

If building your own cloud environment from the ground up isn't your core competency, you can leverage IBM PureApplication Patterns to do some of the work for you.  Patterns have been available as a private cloud solution since 2012, and now they are available on SoftLayer as well.

Learn more about PureApplication patterns in the cloud

BlueMix: Automating through open architecture

BlueMix is IBM's Platform as a Service (PaaS) offering based on Cloud Foundry, an industry standard for PaaS.  With BlueMix, you select Zend Server for your PHP runtime, then select the services your application needs, including database, single sign on, and message queuing.

Learn more about the PHP runtime from Zend on BlueMix