The Zend Blueprint for Continuous Delivery provides practical best practices to help companies implement each step of the continuous delivery cycle. Based on the Zend Server platform, the blueprint provides an easy way to implement these best practices through a series of patterns and plug-ins.


About Nagios

Nagios is a powerful open source system and network monitoring system that provides you with instant awareness of your organization's mission-critical IT infrastructure. Nagios allows you to detect and repair problems and mitigate future issues before they affect end-users and customers.

Zend Server Continuous Delivery Platform

Zend Server equips development and operations teams with the infrastructure and insight to support rapid application releases, and provides PHP applications with capabilities that ensure high levels of reliability, performance and security, both on-premise and in the cloud.

About the Zend Pattern

This Zend Pattern is a Nagios plugin that runs on Zend Server and, when polled by Nagios, sends it application and server metrics collected by Zend Server. The pattern monitors:

Why Use the Zend Pattern?

Continuous Delivery involves a sequence of feedback loops, transforming the development process into one that is cyclical and iterative. Real-time visibility into both the application’s behavior in production and the state of the underlying infrastructure enables operations teams to work closely with development, providing the feedback needed to rapidly solve escalations and maintain application uptime. With this Pattern, system administrators and server operators can use a single monitoring system that adds vital details about their applications to other monitoring data collected by Nagios.


Included in this Pattern:

Getting Started:

  1. Clone the Zend Server Nagios plugin from GitHub
  2. Follow the installation instructions in the README file

Note: installation instructions for Debian Linux can be found here