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Deployment Success Realized

    Increase Deployment Success

    The success of application deployment is determined by the environment as much as the quality of the application. Problems can arise when test systems have different PHP versions, system settings, or extensions, which can generate significant application errors and delivery delays. Fortunately, Zend provides a tested, consistent PHP stack, automated application packaging, and cloud-based testing capabilities to ensure your application deployments run smoothly.

    Many teams. One PHP Stack.

    Zend helps you avoid application deployment errors created by inconsistent environments. With Zend Server, the same trusted PHP software stack is used across the development, testing and production environments eliminating the kind of  PHP errors that stem from incompatible software and systems across the lifecycle.  And your software can always be current with ongoing version updates, hot fixes, and 24 x 7 Zend PHP support

     Automated Packaging, Smooth Delivery.

    Resolve Issues with Zend Studio and Zend Server

    A successful hand-off of your application to testing is critical for an error-free deployment. But sometimes deployment steps are accidentally skipped, database schemas aren’t synced correctly, human error creeps into manual deployment processes, etc.  Zend eliminates these errors by automatically creating “packages” that include everything you need to successfully install your software: source code, meta data, and scripts. Plus you can deploy your application across multiple servers using a simple wizard.

     Improve Success with Zend Audit Services.

    Zend Application Audit Services give you the peace of mind of knowing your application has been thoroughly evaluated for best practices when it comes to PHP performance, PHP security, and architecture. Zend also offers consulting, certification, and PHP Support


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