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    Develop In PHP. Faster.

    You’re confronted with a growing list of application development requirements, and a shrinking deadline window to get it done. Fortunately, Zend solutions accelerate your application development. Zend Studio makes developers more productive in coding web and mobile applications. And Zend Framework provides off-the-shelf functionality to shrink your overall development time.

    Be Ultraproductive. Reduce Coding time.

    When you code in PHP, you want to spend time actually building your application, not writing routine getters and setters. Zend Studio, our professional-grade PHP Integrated Development Environment (IDE), makes you more productive with time-saving features like refactoring, code generation, code assist, semantic analysis and more. Plus you save more time by concurrently developing both PHP server code and browser or interface code (using AJAX or Flash). 

     Improve Quality. Comprehensive Debugging.

    Resolve Issues with Zend Studio and Zend Server

    Now you can increase the quality of your applications during development. Zend Studio provides comprehensive local and remote PHP debugging that helps you analyze and resolve PHP errors quickly.  With integrated PHP debugging, profiling, code inspection & quick fix, unit test generation and reporting, you’ll be assured your code is tested and error-free from the beginning.

     Reduce Time-To Market. Zend Framework.

    Improve your time-to-market by leveraging the most popular professional PHP framework – Zend Framework. Out-of-the-box, it provides commonly needed PHP components and lets you add the features unique to your application. Stringently tested and enterprise ready, Zend Framework includes support for using common web services and widely available APIs from leading vendors like Google, Amazon, Yahoo!, Flickr as well as APIs from cataloguers like StrikeIron and Programmable Web.

    Develop and Test PHP Applications in the Cloud

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      Test in The Cloud. Easy.

    With cloud-based services, it’s now possible to have a test environment at the same size and scale as production. No need for costly hardware investments – you can provision the needed hardware resources in the cloud.  Zend Server and Zend Server Cluster Manager make it simple to deploy and manage applications across multiple servers in a cloud environment so it’s easy to design for scalability.

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