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Framework based applications

    Framework Based Applications

    Forward looking development teams take advantage of application frameworks because they increase productivity and help write clean and re-useable code. Good frameworks also come with a constantly innovating community that continually works to add functionality and improve security.

    While Zend Framework is the leading PHP application framework, there are also other great options such as Symfony, Laravel, Yii and many others. In fact, Zend Framework 2 was designed to provide modular building blocks that work efficiently along with other frameworks.

    Zend Server

    Whichever framework you choose to use, Zend Server is specifically designed and optimized to enable enhanced performance, availability, and faster debugging and troubleshooting of framework based applications.

    With Zend Server, you can:
    • Deploy your framework based applications successfully via automated deployment
    • Detect and resolve application issues faster
    • Prevent performance degradation

    In addition to giving you great performance for your framework based applications, every Zend Server subscription includes technical support, software updates and security hot fixes for the core open source PHP stack (and if you are a Zend Framework user, it also includes technical support for Zend Framework).

    This means that with Zend Server you can be certain that your framework apps will perform at their best, you can identify problems more rapidly, and you can rest easy knowing you are fully supported by Zend, the PHP Company.

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    Zend Studio

    Zend Studio incorporates built-in tools that allow developers to use Zend Framework more efficiently: you can create new ZF2 projects with just a few steps and minimal development time. Create modules, view helpers and controllers, get content assist for services, and take advantage of other features of Zend Framework to make your coding more productive.

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