Zend Server for IBM i

Zend Server for IBM i is a robust application platform providing a fully supported PHP stack for IBM i. It provides deployment and rollback tools, application monitoring and root cause analysis, performance optimization, and more -- Zend Server for IBM i is the PHP environment for creating and running commercial-grade web and mobile applications natively on IBM i

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Zend Studio

Zend’s industry leading PHP Integrated Development Environment (IDE) that includes special features designed for RPG developers to develop modern web applications and Web Services. It includes all the development features necessary for the full PHP application lifecycle  complete with a comprehensive set of editing, debugging, analysis, optimization, database tools and testing. Zend Studio is enhanced to work with the integration toolkit provided with Zend Server for IBM i. 

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Zend SmartStart for IBM i

a consulting engagement to accelerate development and deployment of PHP apps.  It includes on-site training for RPG programmers, setup of the Zend solutions and gets a fully operational, PHP-based, pilot project kicked off on your IBM i. 

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PHP Training for RPG Programmers

 a curriculum specifically focused on enabling RPG programmers to become proficient with PHP,  Zend and developing web applications within a couple months.

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Zend DBi: MySQL Replacement for IBM i

a part of the enterprise-ready PHP technology stack for IBM i, it's built using the same open-source code used to build MySQL, and maintained up to date by Zend and IBM with all features and bug fixes introduced in MySQL. 

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