MariaDB and MySQL support for IBM i

First came MySQL, then MariaDB. It's no accident that these packages are the most commonly used databases for PHP applications – with MariaDB, there’s a whole new world of applications and frameworks ready for you to take advantage of on IBM i.


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As part of our continued commitment to the IBM i platform, Zend DBi is available as a 100% compatible drop-in replacement for MySQL and MariaDB on IBM i.

Zend DBi erases any uncertainty about the future of IBM i supporting the most popular databases today: it's built using open source code and kept up to date with all new features and bug fixes by Rogue Wave Software and IBM. As such, Zend DBi is part of the enterprise-ready PHP technology stack for IBM i that allows users to leverage open and industry-standard solutions, while keeping their web and mobile workloads on existing IBM i systems where databases, business logic, and legacy applications reside.


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