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    PHP Debugging: There Is a Better Way

    Cut Problem Resolution by 50%

    The key to solving problems during development and deployment is quickly identifying their root cause. Zend provides comprehensive PHP debugging, monitoring, and Zend Server Code Tracing technology that helps you resolve problems more quickly, and increases the quality and reliability of your application.

    Resolve Problems Early On

    Zend Studio, our award-winning PHP editor, helps you identify and fix problems in development with comprehensive PHP debugging tools. With integrated PHP and JavaScript debugging, code inspection, and quick fixes, your code starts out error-free.  Integration with Zend Server speeds root cause analysis of problems detected in testing, staging or once in the production environment.

      Focus On The Solution. Not The Problem

    Zend Server Code Tracing eliminates lengthy hours of problem diagnosis. When a PHP error happens, code tracing records every line of code so it’s easy to identify the root cause. Code Tracing acts like an airline “black box” flight recorder, tracking the full execution of your application in real-time.  No more arduous efforts to reproduce a production problem on a developer workstation – you can go right from the actual problem to the offending lines of PHP.

    Develop and Test PHP Applications in the Cloud

    Troubleshooting PHP Applications with Code Tracing

      Proactive Monitoring Keeps Problems Small

    The best way to minimize application errors is by identifying anomalies before they become big problems. Zend Server constantly monitors your PHP application and automatically alerts you of any potential issues.  Event rules go beyond a simple PHP error and include function error, database error, slow function execution, slow query execution, slow request execution, high memory usage and more.

    Develop and Test PHP Applications in the Cloud

    PHP Monitoring


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