Zend - The PHP Company

Zend Commercial Terms & Conditions

1. Automatic Renewal
. Customer authorizes Zend to automatically renew subscription at the end of relevant term provided notification is sent at least thirty (30) days prior to renewal. 
Customer may choose not to renew by notifying Zend in writing within fifteen (15) days of receiving such notice.

2. Fee Adjustments
. Zend may, upon at least thirty (30) days prior written notice and effective at the end of the then-current Term, adjust the fees paid by Subscriber for the Services, provided that Subscriber shall have the option, within fifteen (15) days of receiving such notice from Zend, to either (i) modify the quantity or type of Product or Services utilized by Subscriber by a mutual written amendment between the parties, or (ii) terminate the affected Orders upon written notice, either of which will become effective at the beginning of the next Renewal Term.

3. Payment
. Subscriber will pay invoices for the Services when due, and in accordance with the Payment Terms set forth on the Order Form. Zend reserves the right to charge interest at the lower of 1.5% per month or the highest rate permitted by law on any portion of payment not received when due, and Zend may suspend Services or Product license use, if Subscriber’s payment is ten (10) or more business days delinquent. Additionally, Zend is entitled to recover any reasonable sums expended in connection with the collection of sums not paid when due, including reasonable attorneys’ fees. Subscriber shall pay all taxes (exclusive of taxes
based on the net income of Zend), levies, or charges imposed by any governmental authority of any kind whatsoever applicable to any of the materials, goods, Services or related components provided by Zend to Subscriber.