Take Advantage of a Continuous Deployment Environment by lmplementing Git-Flow in the Cloud

34 minutes | English November 18, 2014

During this webinar, you will discover how to easily set up a Continuous Deployment environment using Zend Server and continuousphp, a Continuous Deployment PaaS.

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Maturing your Agile Process with a Continuous Delivery Pipeline

56 min | English April 22, 2014

In this webinar, we’ll cover how one of CDS Global's development groups engineered a Continuous Delivery process from scratch, and what guidelines they used as we incrementally put the parts together.

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Technology Management in Growing and Complex Environments – CTO of iV Platform & experts offer best practices

35 min | English February 27, 2014

Jon Hibbins, CTO of iV Platform (the largest digital voucher platform in Europe) discusses with Paul Holt (VP EMEA at Zend) and Paul Wander (Owner at Inviqa) how best to adopt PHP & Open Source technologies within demanding enterprise environments.

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